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Worked on the #MidnightMurderParty editor some more. I rigged up the front-end with the back-end finally. I’d started that last night but got stuck on mismatched types, cursed at the language for a little, and gave up. Today, I looked at it again, saw the issue immediately, and fixed it. Sometimes it helps to take a break… and sleep.

Wiring up the #AJAX requests revealed a lot of bugs in my #JSON encoding/decoding—the code I wrote at the beginning of the month when I was just starting with #PureScript. Here’s a photo of me from way back then:

After much head-scratching and cryptic errors, I got it all working and now have an ugly/barebones CMS. I can add (from Docs), delete, reorder, and edit chapters. Next is finishing the module that will let me sync an existing chapter with Docs, then mostly cleanup and UI.

Finished Camp #NaNoWriMo at ~14,000 words.