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Missed my daily #writing in the morning again and had to move it into the afternoon. On the bright side, I just wrote the words “The end came three weeks later…” into this never-ending story, so I’m coming up on the finish line of the first draft finally.

Someone on CritiqueCircle messaged me yesterday telling me that the third revision of their own #shortstory was up for review and asking if I’d crit it again (I critiqued both previous versions of the story). I agreed and gave it a read today. The story has quintupled in length since the first version, but I think the leap in quality was even bigger. I’m pretty proud to be able to say I helped it come from where it started to where it is now, to be honest. Unfortunately, I only got 1/4 of the way through critting the revision tonight. I had hoped to do 1/2.

Did some more style work on the #MidnightMurderParty editor tonight. I like how streamlined it’s turning out.