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After a weekend gaming binge (my brother got me Dark Souls III, ‘nuff said), I just got back to coding. Last week, @larouxn gave a dev talk at his job about #MidnightMurderParty and what we’ve learned from doing this project. He sent me the slide deck, and when I got to the last slides, I saw it said that we planned to finish by June. I messaged him and said, “We planned what?” First I’d heard of it.

But I’m all for deadlines, so mid-late June is our goal. We had a meeting to roughly plan out how to tackle it. Week 1: Finish editor. Week 2: Update reader. Week 3: Integrations & testing. Week 4/5: Extra features, more testing, bug fixing, and pad time for whatever we horribly underestimated the complexity of.

I was tempted to play Dark Souls tonight, honestly, but managed to not get distracted. Good thing, too, because adding all the functionality I wanted to the editor’s main dashboard took all night.