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February 2017

May 2016



Still moving slowly. I think it is due to me being tired.

I managed to get the #angular set up with the user interface. Whenever I start something in #angular my heart rate goes a little faster. I really need to set some time aside to learn it, once and for all.

I am now busy with the client-side logic. My hopes is to have most of the app finished by 6:00.

I can always just go sit at the event to fix the crucial things, the droplet is linked to the master branch, so I can theoretically just push a commit up and the site is updated.

Ah well, let’s get back to it. Back in two hours.

(Side note: Logging my dev goals on a two hour interval is definitely helping with productivity, loving #littlelogs for this in the future!)



#Autobahn is moving much, much slower now.

I managed to finish the database seeders, I wasn’t looking forward to creating all of those records manually, so I tried to automate it with a Seeder.

Gosh, automating something really takes longer?

Ah well. The past two hours I managed to set up the groundwork for most of the CRUD.

Still not done with the CRUD, I wanted it done by 2:00, let’s see if I can get it done by 3:00

So, 4:00 – Let’s try to get this done:

  • CRUD
  • Slack integration?

I was able to finish the User Auth during the past two hours.

Next update at 4:00



So, today I get this phone call – asking me to make some modifications to the app that needs to be done by the start of the event, which is 10am.

So I am doing a complete rewrite of the app (I am code-naming it #Autobahn) and I am making surprisingly huge amounts of progress.

So far at 00:43 I have the following set up

  • DigitalOcean droplet
  • Laravel Forge Server
  • Basic pages

I think it’s been productive seeing that I had some provisioning issues and I started two hours ago – the pain meds knocked me out cold at about 15:00 only woke up at 21:00

Will post the next #littlelog of #Autobahn at 02:00

I would like to get this done

  • CRUD
  • User Auth
  • Potentially, start the Slack Integration


Okay, so a lot has happened since my last #littlelog

I got rushed to the Emergency Room, and then got transferred to the ICU about forty kilometers away from home due to my severe case of Rhabdomyolysis.

I spent a good four days in the ICU with threats of kidney failure and a very bad allergic reaction to the pain meds. Therafter, it was a couple of days in the Medical Ward for observation.

I got home yesterday afternoon.

For the next part of the Log, there is some context needed:

I wrote a web app about a year ago for the biggest Scouting Event in South Africa. It was a huge success and I got a job offer out of that project. (That is where I ended up working for the first couple of months of this year before moving a couple of weeks ago)

And, I offered again for them to use the app this weekend - this was a few good months ago - but they did not respond to my invite.

(I reached the max char count, see next Log)

April 2016


i am becoming bored out of my mind at the 6-2. i am waiting for feedback from one of the directors. he is apparently back in the office tomorrow.

i am playing around with #stochastic #modelling in the meantime. i managed to revive an old #laravel project i did last year. looking at starting that up again. might shove it onto a droplet tonight.

i also did some planning on my part time gig. i want to use the new #spark from #laravel. i am loving its simplicity.

but there is one problem – payment processing with #stripe or #braintree is not possible in south africa without creating a corporation in another country that they support.

might look at applying to join the #atlas program from #stripe – but i feel i need to do some more planning first. might go as far as to get an mvp done without any billing. who knows.


i managed to get a monte carlo simulation up and running using historical data of my investment. i used that as a demo for the part time.

i deployed my 6-2 app this morning. cautiously waiting for feedback.

i proposed my nomad hiatus to my boss – i want to work and travel at the same time in the months to come. he said he’ll take it under consideration and he would let me know.

ideally i’d like to go visit my dad again. haven’t seen him in almost four years.

18 Apr 2016

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