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February 2017


Was weekly Resolution Number One a success?! Hahahahahaha no!

  1. Sun: 8:18
  2. Mon: 8:07
  3. Tue: 8:09
  4. Wed: 6:37 (strike one)
  5. Thu: 5:17 (strike two)
  6. Fri: 2:23 (strike very much three)
  7. Sat: 4:31 (strike four)

The passing score was 6. I scored 3.

This week’s goal

I think I might learn a lesson from this week’s and go for something achievable and improvable. So here’s the goal.

Increase the number of commuting journeys made by bike.

So, the max possible is 10 (out and back 5 times a week).

My current best score this year is 0.



New thought! Weekly resolutions! Yearly resolutions are silly and only last till mid January. I’m going to try a weekly resolution instead. Every Sunday night / Monday morning pick a new goal. I’ll log each goal, and put a task in Todoist to choose one every week.

This week’s goal: Get enough sleep.

Resolution details

  • Goal is 7 Hours a night.
  • Sleep achieved measure by Misfit
  • Success is 6 out of 7 days goal hit.
  • Start Date 12th Feb (i.e. Sunday night to Monday morning)
  • End Date 19th Feb
  • Every night must be 7 hours, not an average for the week.

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