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March 2017


A couple of things here:

Last week was not technically a success, but that’s because of bad goal setting. Exist presents an average of productive time, not a goal (Or at least the goal is based on some kind of sauce which I’m not quite sure about), and since I don’t have a lot of data in there, it’s pretty swingy. So each day as I strived to hit that number, the number went up to fairly silly levels.

This most recent week was a write off due to Dominos pizza induced food poisoning.

I’m currently the next goal is going to be something about reducing todoist outstanding items. Since after a week of very bad food poisoning they’ve mounted up a bit. Currently 12 overdue and about 122 overall (not including routines). I think I need to drop that down a bit. I’ll think about formalising the rules a bit later.


February 2017


Last week was a success, barely. I managed to cycle to work on Friday morning. So a score of 1 out of 10. Still, it’s a forward step.

This weeks goal. Hit whatever Exist says is my goal for Productive time every day this week. This shouldn’t be a huge challenge, but my productive time has been low so far this year, mainly because of bad sleep I think. The last few weeks I’ve hit productive time goals three or four days out of five at most. So this goal shouldn’t be very hard, but that’s sort of the point. A weekly resolution can be set at a level where it is only a very small stretch to achieve whereas if a yearly one is so unambitious then it’s a bit of a waste.

If you have any thoughts on good #WeeklyResolutions feel free to add them below.



Was weekly Resolution Number One a success?! Hahahahahaha no!

  1. Sun: 8:18
  2. Mon: 8:07
  3. Tue: 8:09
  4. Wed: 6:37 (strike one)
  5. Thu: 5:17 (strike two)
  6. Fri: 2:23 (strike very much three)
  7. Sat: 4:31 (strike four)

The passing score was 6. I scored 3.

This week’s goal

I think I might learn a lesson from this week’s and go for something achievable and improvable. So here’s the goal.

Increase the number of commuting journeys made by bike.

So, the max possible is 10 (out and back 5 times a week).

My current best score this year is 0.



New thought! Weekly resolutions! Yearly resolutions are silly and only last till mid January. I’m going to try a weekly resolution instead. Every Sunday night / Monday morning pick a new goal. I’ll log each goal, and put a task in Todoist to choose one every week.

This week’s goal: Get enough sleep.

Resolution details

  • Goal is 7 Hours a night.
  • Sleep achieved measure by Misfit
  • Success is 6 out of 7 days goal hit.
  • Start Date 12th Feb (i.e. Sunday night to Monday morning)
  • End Date 19th Feb
  • Every night must be 7 hours, not an average for the week.

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