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February 2017


What a week! Spent the past three days feeling stupid, frustrated, and confused, because I couldn’t get this new year ago mood feature working in #exist for #ios. Grappled with two different third-party libraries that didn’t work as I expected them to and roped @josh into an afternoon of helping me debug my #autolayout issues before giving up and building the UI myself from scratch.

This afternoon I managed to get the whole UI built and working with some more help from @josh, so now I can test it out. Hopefully I’ll be able to send this out to beta testers this week.

July 2016

September 2015


Did a first draft of my next #exist #ios blog post. This one's about creating a custom weather card for the dashboard. Bit worried about whether it'll make sense, since it's mostly about debugging #autolayout issues but I forgot to take in-progress screenshots this time. Oops.


Laid out the weather card in my #exist for #ios app! Like always, I had some trouble with #autolayout for a while, but it took me less than a day, which is a lot shorter than most of these cards have taken.

Just one last part to fix up and some layout bugs to look into before beta testers get a hold of this! Yay. #code

weather card

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