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April 2017


Hello #littlelogs! A little introduction: I’m Stefan a frontend developer from Germany who works for a Cologne-based agency by day (#dayjob) and on various side projects by night. 😉 Right now I’m working on a new theme for my WordPress powered personal #blog and the new version of, a platform to discover “the web’s best short films”, which I started with some friends two years ago. The new version will introduce a new design, user logins and watchlists. I’m also working on a hybrid mobile app for #shortfilms, which I announced to be released in Q1 2016 when we were featured on ProductHunt. 🙈

March 2017


Reviewed lessons 29, 30, 31, 32 and 33 of Remembering Simplified Hanzi on #anki today. I’m proceeding slowly but steadly.

I’m more than halfway through my current Avalon #novel. I plan to finish it by the end of this week.

Also produced some #blog related content.

I’m starting a ‘non-spent money’ list to celebrate every time I decide against buying something. Instead of having just an updated expenses list (=money going out), I like to idea of keeping track also of everything I didn’t get in the end (=money staying in). #minimalism


✅ started off the morning at 6:00am with a good herbal tea and #yoga practice (both yesterday and this morning). Planning on keeping it up.

✅ finished reviewing #RememeringSimplifiedHanzi lessons studied so far. I had planned to be done with them yesterday but that’s all right, what I really care about is to keep going.

❌ not worked enough, either for job I or job II. I need to be more serious on this.

❌ I’m still putting off some emails that I have to write. Time to address them once and for all.

✅ finally organized some scattered #blog ideas. Way to go.

Just discovered that I scored 194/200 in my HSK 2 test! So happy 😍🎉🎊✨

February 2017


Spent most of the weekend coming down from the high of #playgroundscon. It’s quite similar to the post-show blues I used to get in theatre, as you spend a short period of high intensity work with a group of strangers, then suddenly you’re plunged back into normal life and it’s quite a shock.

Yesterday I drafted a #blog post about #diversity in tech and some of the good and bad things I noticed at Playgrounds. I also put together the start of a WIP doc on GitHub of ways conference organisers and speakers can increase diversity and inclusion at their events. Hoping lots of other people in the tech community will contribute so this doc can grow over time and provide lots of suggestions for people who want to improve their events but don’t know where to start.

January 2017


My update of #exist for #ios successfully uploaded to the App Store today. Phew! Waiting for that to get through review now.

Today I worked on a couple of drafts for the Larder #blog and some more bug fixes for the Exist iOS app.


Since I’m working Mon, Tue, Wed at #rescuetime now I probably won’t have many early-week logs. But Thursdays and Fridays are #HelloCode days so here’s a #laterlog for yesterday:

  • Paid my latest #tax instalment
  • Cleared out my inbox (mostly)
  • Followed up most of the #changemap tasks for #exist that came in over the past week
  • Wrote up the Hello Code monthly report for December and drafted a matching #blog post
  • Worked on bug fixes for #exist for #ios, sent a new version to TestFlight, and tried to submit a new version to the App Store but iTunesConnect was broken yet again.

December 2016


Hello LittleLogs! Since my last log here I have:

  • finished reading another couple of books setting up my #GoodReadsChallenge at 27/25. Not bad!
  • took a flight to Scotland to spent both Christmas and New Year’s Eve with the Significant Other. Too bad he’s a doctor and he’ll be working all night tonight 🙁
  • decided to go for HSK (#Chinese proficiency test) in February 2017. I will have to adjust my study schedule accordingly in future weeks.
  • produced a lot of #blog #content before the end of the year. It was hard but I’m hugely proud to say that I did it!

2016 has been a tough but also satifying year. Happy 2017, the Year of the Rooster!


It’s holiday time this week, but also stinking hot so I haven’t been doing much. A little #drawing yesterday which was fun. Also worked on some blogging today and yesterday. I have a whole stack of drafts that need to be edited and published on my #blog now, including:

  • My 2016 year in review
  • My must-have apps for 2016
  • My thoughts on switching from iOS to Android for good
  • A recap on my fountain pen journey in 2016
  • A recap on my planner journey in 2016
  • An update on my 2017 planner setup

And I still need to draft a post about the habits I tried to build in 2016. Phew! #writing


Two good days full of stuff done and completed. I’m going to work tomorrow as well (Saturday, I know) as I want to catch up with some pending tasks. Plus I like the calmness and quiteness of the archives during the week end.

All tasks for my job No. 2 are completed so I can enjoy the week end with a free spirit.

#Memrise and #Anki review done today. I plan to add a new Remembering the hanzi lesson to my collection tomorrow afternoon.

I’ve also done some #blog work this evening, but there’s more to do during the weekend. Today after work I treated myself to the local American bakery and indulged with a super fluffy NY cheesecake 😋 detox just to retox!

November 2016


I had quite a productive AND relaxing week end. I’m currently focusing on finishing Remembering simplified hanzi as soon as I can for #Chinese, so that I can finally move back to grammar and reading practice. Also still on track with #Memrise, though I made a few mistakes during revision today 😕

I didn’t work that much on the #blog but I finally faced the main difficulty I was having and now it should be cleared up. Good. I did prepare bag, lunch and clothes for tomorrow [cold weather expected!] + I placed an order on The Journal Shop taking advange of #blackfriday to refurbish my #MTN 😋

Today is Sunday which means hair mask + book + early sleep for tonight.


Today I’ve been more focused on stuff to do [but still not much #blog work done, what’s wrong with me lately?], especially in terms of planning and studying #Chinese. I completed lesson 25 of Remembering simplified hanzi which means I’m beyond the halfway mark [thank goodness] with 792/1500 characters studied; I’ve done 3 targeted reviews on #Anki + finished and reviewed lesson 5 of Mandarin Chinese on #Memrise. I’m happy because I feel focused and motivated like I haven’t been in a very long time.

On other news, I finally took the time to prepare a little beauty concoction - a mixures of sweet almond oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, rosehip oil and argan oil to apply on my face before bedtime. My skin has been so dry lately and we’re not even in winter yet :(


Somewhat disappointed for not having been able to work on #blog #content yesterday. I had a rather relaxed/chilled out day mostly made of #readings and #tvseries [finished watching #ColdCase season 4!]. I did manage to do both #anki and #memrise for #Chinese first thing in the morning. I started writing stuff in my new 2017 #planner which is from Japanese brand #Muji. Oh and I also baked my very own bread loaf yesterday! Very proud of that 🙃



I’m trying to find new balance since I decided to devote 85% of my productive time to my professional training as an #archivist.

I’ve finished inventoring the two files I was working on today for work I, reviewed my current #anki deck and started practicing #Chinese on #Memrise.

Once at home I finished scanning the articles I was interested to from a library book on #shamanism (that can now be returned) and then produced some #content from my #blog (though I didn’t publish the post like I was supposed to).

Watched an episode of #ColdCase after dinner and now I’m ready to finish my crime novel that will bring me to 23/25 books for my #GoodReads challenge 🙂


Spent quite a bit of time putting together new pitches for #client #content work this afternoon. A couple of my clients have cut back my workload, so I’m in panic mode again about having enough work in the future. A stop gap job isn’t very good if it’s not stable while you work on your side project! Debating different options for improving that situation, but don’t want to take my focus off #HelloCode if I can help it.

Also published a planner review on my #blog that I’ve been meaning to finish for a while, and wrote up a long post about my analogue planner setup for next year. And did some final edits on another draft I had waiting, so I think I’ll hit my goal of publishing 4 posts on my blog this month!

Also published a short post on the #exist blog and sent it out in the blog #newsletter.


A quick week end log before unplugging for the night. Today I cleared my #todolist and I’m like 0.0 really…? All in all this week end has been pretty productive under many different respects. I worked for my job 2, studied #chinese and reviewed cards on #anki, finished watching #GilmoreGirls S01, decluttered my room and even organised stuff for the #blog. Not a lot of #reading but I’m planning to take care of it right now. Clothes and bag for tomorrow ready. Feeling good overall =)


A bit tired tonight but happy to wrap things up.

Work 1 had its to do list all cleared up and even some tasks that have been dealt with in advance for next week. I’m behind on my work 2 though, as everyday new things come up and it becomes quite hard to stick to a plan. Got stuff done anyway.

As for #Chinese, I reviewed my #Anki decks twice again, and it feels incredibly right to be honest. Will I be able to keep it up?

Also wrote some #content for my #blog today and I quite enjoyed doing so. Read about 50 pages of my #currentnovel during lunch time.

#GirlmoreGirls S01E19 is waiting for me on #Netflix right now :) I should also add that documenting my achievements here on #littlelogs for two days ina row feels like a realization to me!

October 2016


Working on both #content and #editing for the #blog today. Also posted a photo on my personal #instagram account. From an offline point of view, I worked on trying to adjust my yearly #goals to the very last part of the year to see what realistically can be accomplished in these remaining two months. Also finished reading the Fall of Atlantis by Marion Zimmer Bradley today, liked it a lot and also reached 88% of my reading challenge on #GoodReads.


Disappeared into work with the students returning to school and getting everything set up. The other big event as all this starts up is the Atlantic Film Festival which is part of what I do every year and I was able to write reviews of all of the feature films I saw. #teaching

Each day I was able to combine my daily 750 Words habit with blog posts. Last year I established the pattern for getting things written about everything seen on the next day. I would write reviews of the films and then post each review to Letterboxd and combine the reviews together on my blog for the daily summary. #writing #blog

September 2016


Aha! I may be finally getting my groove back. Today felt like my most productive for a while. Here’s what I did in the afternoon:

  • Outlined and drafted a #client #content article due this week
  • Emailed a couple of people who might be interested in my new #monthlyreview project
  • Sent pitches to two clients
  • Edited a client article from last week
  • Responded to all my emails #inboxzero
  • Followed up client feedback on another article from last week
  • Made some final edits to a post for my #blog

August 2016

  • Went to the launch for the Atlantic Program of the Atlantic Film Festival, which happens in September. The launch highlighted the films from the region that are playing and there are some good ones that I’m looking forward to.
  • Sticking with my #morningwriting routine and on a 686 day streak on the 750words web site.
  • Need to finish off some #blog posts and get that routine reestablished. #bitdepth
  • Getting ready to go back to work and back to #teaching after my year off on my #learningleave
  • Getting out and walking more than bike riding which is all good for #health. Can’t go through the trails on foot or bicycle now since there is a high risk of forest fires due to a lack of rain and all of the trails are closed.

Another busy #HelloCode day today:

  • Drafted a blog post for #exist about our new Todoist integration
  • Finished replying to #interview questions from @josh so he could publish our first interview on the #larder blog
  • Finished my first draft of my first personal #essay attempt. Got some feedback from @josh so I can refine it before pitching to editors.
  • Drafted a post for the Larder blog about my work schedule
  • Worked on a post for the Hello Code blog about fixing a tricky #exist for #ios a while ago
  • Emailed some active Exist for iOS users to see if they’ll beta test for me, as I have a tiny pool of testers
  • Republished my #sketchnotes post from my #blog yesterday on Medium
  • Cleared my inbox
  • Sent a media pitch about Exist
  • Thought I finished the Larder import/export guide but it needs some changes still

Oops! Forgot to log yesterday. Here’s what I got done:

  • Sent #exist for #ios update to the App Store for review.
  • Submitted an Exist guest post idea for consideration
  • Made a new list of #larder blog topic ideas after chatting with @josh about our angle for the blog
  • Republished our last Exist blog post on Medium
  • Published a post of my #sketchnotes on my #blog
  • Edited a draft for my blog about how I work with clients on content

Another smashing day today. One thing I love about my current approach of starting work at 1pm is that I can go out for brunch without it affecting my workday 😏 So here’s what I’ve done today so far:

  • Started a guide to exporting bookmarks from various browsers/services. This will eventually be available for #larder users to help them import bookmarks into Larder.
  • Republished my #blog post about tools I use for writing on Medium.
  • Pitched guest posts to three different sites as part of my #marketing push for #exist
  • Added a link to our Exist roadmap to help users ask IFTTT to let us integrate with them
  • Took screenshots of some of my own Exist correlations to be used on the homepage as examples
  • Emailed a contact at a media site about republishing some posts from my blog and the Exist blog
  • Drafted a little post for my blog about some of my #sketchnotes
  • Emailed a media site and a couple of prominent bloggers about using Exist to get insights from productivity data

Another big day starting work at 1pm, though things seemed to take longer today. Here’s what I got done:

  • Finished my first #client #content article and submitted it
  • Drafted, edited, and finished off my second (and last) client article and submitted it (that’s right, no more client work this week! #HelloCode time ahoy!)
  • Planned #larder blog topics after discussing with @josh last night what kind of audience to focus on
  • Brainstormed guest post topics to go with yesterday’s list of places to pitch guest posts to
  • Pitched some articles from my #blog and the #exist blog to be republished on a tech site that’s syndicated our content in the past. Unfortunately, my contact has left the company and I got a big run-around when trying to figure out who to contact now, so that may not lead anywhere
  • Hit #inboxzero

Phew. Big day. This working from 1pm until dinner thing is going pretty well so far. I was a little late getting started today, but apart from a break for a late lunch, I worked (on various thing) right until now… 6:30pm. And got a lot done. Success! Here’s what I did:

  • Sent my weekly #newsletter and the #blog newsletter for #exist
  • Republished an Exist blog post on Medium
  • Made a list of possible topics to write about on our new #larder blog
  • Made a list of marketing ideas for Exist (mostly places to pitch guest posts, but some other ideas too)
  • Drafted a #client #content article
  • Completely emptied my inbox
  • Did the #research for my other client article for this week

July 2016

June 2016


Getting back into a proper workflow today. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  • Planned the outline for a new #book I’m considering #writing about #content writing and strategy.
  • Drafted a short post for the #exist #blog.
  • Did a little Exist for #ios testing.
  • Did some follow up work from our Exist user survey.
  • Sent an email to Exist users about my #productivehabits course, since a lot of users said in the survey that they’re also interested in habit tracking.