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February 2017

April 2016

February 2016

  • Met with my boss/mentor for my bi-weekly progress #report (fave meeting). Looking back to celebrate the personal victories over the past weeks and discussing challenges/learnings feels awesome. 👊 #prodev #persdev
  • Did some light R&D around web app analytics dashboards… we track virtually everything using custom events and widgets in GA but in terms of visualizing data in a more intuitive/consumable way for internal reporting, it’s not my fave (exporting/entering stuff into sheets is not fun). Looked into other tools like Localytics which we’ve used before, as well as Mixpanel and Flurry. Will meet with our tech lead to see what he recommends. 👓 #research #data #analytics #tracking #reporting
  • Sent over a rough outline #proposal for a piece for our #blog re: how I use #Slack. 💬

December 2015


Well! I now have all of #kiomo’s basic #data structures and actions working in the #API, along with an ugly front end. Enough to be coherent, but not detailed. I think it’s time to implement a #frontend which is a bit less… embarrassing, before adding any more complexity. This will be my task for tomorrow.

September 2015

March 2015


Finished the first pass of the #data trends page for #exist — then @belle pointed out we could be grouping data by attribute, rather than overall. Now I have more work to do, thanks a lot :p (it's a good idea worth pursuing though.)

February 2015