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March 2017


Although I don’t feel productive, things are good. Scheduling helped!

  • Finished a draft of #freelancing content. Took longer than expected.😪 Started with a design I didn’t like, and ended up redoing it. A reminder never to rush.
  • Been playing piano, recording to encourage good practice. Discovered I overcomplicate when playing, and have since benefited from lowering the # of chord changes I do. I’m improving, would love to release an album soon! #music
  • Got stuck in unity for #invasion, scheduled a call to go over things with a friend. Everything should be👌 tomorrow.
  • Had a good meeting for #patreon. Now have a list of launch tasks, and a deadline of 2 weeks for a content queue. I’m confident the content will be good, but am realistic that it’ll take time to gain traction and make it profitable.
  • Had a (slightly silly) idea around #minimalism. Going to restrict myself to one bowl, plate, utensil and bottle, and wash each every time. Might be nice not to use the dishwasher.