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April 2017


Time for a mega, 3 weeks #laterlog. [1/2]

I just finished a dev session on the #MidnightMurderParty editor, so I’ll start there. When I started learning #PureScript earlier this month, it was all confusion, overwhelming UI library choices, and packages that were lacking. Simultaneously learning this language and developing an application in it has been quite the ride.

But it’s been fun. The learning curve was (and still is) much steeper than #Elm’s, but as I learn this language, I’m coming to appreciate how much freedom its complexity gives me. The massive boilerplate which is rampant in Elm code hardly exists here, from what I’ve seen, because most of it gets abstracted away.

I’ve now gotten most of the old editor screens coded (though not fully #functional, ha-ha) and have added some new features, namely Google login and Drive Filepicker, so I no longer have to download a Docs file, open it in a text editor, copy the HTML, and paste it into the editor. I just pick a file in the editor and go.

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