Keep a social journal of your work progress as you make and learn things.


March 2017


Although I don’t feel productive, things are good. Scheduling helped!

  • Finished a draft of #freelancing content. Took longer than expected.😪 Started with a design I didn’t like, and ended up redoing it. A reminder never to rush.
  • Been playing piano, recording to encourage good practice. Discovered I overcomplicate when playing, and have since benefited from lowering the # of chord changes I do. I’m improving, would love to release an album soon! #music
  • Got stuck in unity for #invasion, scheduled a call to go over things with a friend. Everything should be👌 tomorrow.
  • Had a good meeting for #patreon. Now have a list of launch tasks, and a deadline of 2 weeks for a content queue. I’m confident the content will be good, but am realistic that it’ll take time to gain traction and make it profitable.
  • Had a (slightly silly) idea around #minimalism. Going to restrict myself to one bowl, plate, utensil and bottle, and wash each every time. Might be nice not to use the dishwasher.

Reviewed lessons 29, 30, 31, 32 and 33 of Remembering Simplified Hanzi on #anki today. I’m proceeding slowly but steadly.

I’m more than halfway through my current Avalon #novel. I plan to finish it by the end of this week.

Also produced some #blog related content.

I’m starting a ‘non-spent money’ list to celebrate every time I decide against buying something. Instead of having just an updated expenses list (=money going out), I like to idea of keeping track also of everything I didn’t get in the end (=money staying in). #minimalism


Simplified! #minimalism Thanks @blackshaman for your tag, the mention of minimalism sparked me to be more focused in my work.

Since my last log:

  • Overhauled my portfolio
  • Drafted a website for my web design work with my friend. Hoping our projects will finish up so i can showcase them on the site.
  • Started drafting a #patreon page for my musician roommate. Also made him a website. He’s really good. 😀
  • Recorded a couple episodes of a podcast I’m doing with my work friend. Don’t expect to attract any serious audience, more to showcase our funny chats and encourage us to have productive conversations to record.
  • Started a Unity game with that same friend. He’s a wizard in that engine and with my new marketing skills I’d like to actually make us some money.

Probably forgot something. Also had an incredible night. Skipped sleep to work on projects, and boy did it pay off! 💪


Today was a good day. 🙂

  • I’ve completed tasks for both work I and work II. I didn’t spend a lot of time on those, but I still got some stuff done and I’m in the adjusting phase, so for now it’s more than enough.
  • for #Chinese I reviewed lessons 30/31/32 on #anki from Remembering simplified hanzi book. I will need another day of revision in order to let long term memory do its job and then on to the next lesson.
  • I’ve been planning a lot in my #Muji planner + my new #Paperblanks weekly diary. Good.
  • for my #minimalism project (inspired by @Kraahkan) I sorted out some calendars on both #iCloud and #Google accounts. I really didn’t need all that clutter.
  • I’m also keeping my #OneNote page of daily and weekly accomplishments up to date, which is one of the good habits I acquired at the end of 2016 in order to mantain focus and motivation.

My logs are always too long, I don’t know why I just can’t be more concise 😣

December 2016


Lazy weekend, but I got some done.

  • Idea sort is taking longer than I thought but I’m close, real close. Lots of of great experiments to try in future (one by one). #minimalism
  • Also sorted my Drive, and merged Dropbox into it. Looking through old photos and memories was difficult and good.
  • Figured out how to automate Character Sheet generation in Google Docs. #heroic
  • Moved all my music stuff to a repo. Everything is united now, and I can experiment with using issues as my todolist. #overture

Was super sleepy today, noticed my mind didn’t want to focus hardly at all. Just another reason to prioritize rest.

  • Almost done stage 2/3 of Instapaper clean out - exporting the notes. By the end of it I’ll have about 20,000 words to sort through and turn into actions. Whew! Then on to the next #minimalism experiment
  • Got on yet another tangent - remade #Heroic character sheet as a Google Doc. Will be incredibly easier to update, and the system forces me to make it simpler (better!). Now am setting that off to the side.

November 2016


Hello weekend!

Not a lot of focused work done this week. My clean out was a big time sync (now finally done!) #minimalism, so I’m dropping further music work this week in favor of finishing goals for #WireApp. Also got distracted with #Heroic yesterday, need to stop and work strictly on one thing at a time.

Positive thing is I’ve kept exercising, relationships, and reading despite the other chaos!


Sleepy day - but a good day.

Spent hours cleaning out clutter. Got rid of more books, school leftovers, junk like watches, and shirts never worn. Ran out of boxes! #minimalism Started on Google Drive, I’ll be keeping that which I’ll reasonably ever use.

Today started well, woke up on time and spun out 30 minutes of code before work! #WireApp For this evening, gaming computer is unplugged, which will fight the evening pressure to laze out. Will keep tuning in to AOM podcasts on my way home, great practical info.


Took a break yesterday to clean out old junk. The hardest choices so far are books (way too many, but lots of nostalgia!). I want to pass many on to future children, but I know I’ll be more free without the clutter. I’ll probably keep the books but be aggressive with removing less meaningful possessions.

Also been taking this #minimalism approach to my virtual clutter, deleting files I will never reference again, and uninstalling apps. Feels really good to be free of time-wasting distractions.

Still have the evening ahead for projects, hoping to write a bit more music and to crash and rise early for code.