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Ahh keep forgetting to log lately! Here’s what I’ve done over the past couple days:

September 2016


Wrote and scheduled the first monthly email for participants in my #monthlyreview project. It’ll go out on the 1st, but it’s nice to know it’s done and schedule now.

Also started drafting another personal essay/feature-style article. No idea where I’ll pitch this one to (I should be writing with a publication and audience in mind, supposedly, but I just wanted to make some progress so I jumped in). It’s fun to write in this style, so much nicer than what I normally do. I can feel it flowing more easily, and I can tell it’s going to be fun to read as I’m writing it. Also makes me feel better about my #writing skills.


Aha! I may be finally getting my groove back. Today felt like my most productive for a while. Here’s what I did in the afternoon:

  • Outlined and drafted a #client #content article due this week
  • Emailed a couple of people who might be interested in my new #monthlyreview project
  • Sent pitches to two clients
  • Edited a client article from last week
  • Responded to all my emails #inboxzero
  • Followed up client feedback on another article from last week
  • Made some final edits to a post for my #blog

Pitched my first personal essay to a publication today! They say I have to wait 1-2 months to hear back (!!) so I guess I’ll get onto writing another one. This does not seem like a reliable way to make a living, especially when compared with #content work, but it’s a lot more fulfilling. #writing

Also set up a page on my site for my newest project. This one’s a tiny, free project based around a #monthlyreview #newsletter.

August 2016

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April 2016


Busy weekend. Did some more work on my #handlettering for my next #FieldTrip article, and finished watching the videos in the free hand lettering course I’ve been taking. Also started a daily habit of learning #piano for April, wrote up my March #monthlyreview, continued working on #larder for #ios, watched some more of the videos in the #acting class I’m taking, and spent most of yesterday eating burgers and catching up with an old friend at the football.

March 2016


Went to the Apple store yesterday to trade in a couple of old devices and upgrade my very old original iPad Mini to an iPad Air 2. Realised after unboxing the new iPad that it had a weird dark spot on one part of the screen, so this morning I trekked back to the store to swap it over.

Today I did my personal #monthlyreview for Feb 2016, cleared out my inbox, did a first draft for a one-off #client article due soon, and uploaded a new build of #exist for #ios to #TestFlight (waiting for it to get through review now).

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