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January 2017


Changed my #rescuetime hours this week to be 4 hours every morning so I have afternoons off for #HelloCode. I was finding it hard to be totally switched off from Hello Code for 3 days a week, and to plan everything I need to do for RescueTime in just 3 days. This setup seems to work better.

Last week I sent a new update of #exist for #ios to the App Store with some bug fixes and some different bug fixes to my beta testers. I also wrote a new post for the #larder blog about why I blog about my code even though I’m not an expert.


Since I’m working Mon, Tue, Wed at #rescuetime now I probably won’t have many early-week logs. But Thursdays and Fridays are #HelloCode days so here’s a #laterlog for yesterday:

  • Paid my latest #tax instalment
  • Cleared out my inbox (mostly)
  • Followed up most of the #changemap tasks for #exist that came in over the past week
  • Wrote up the Hello Code monthly report for December and drafted a matching #blog post
  • Worked on bug fixes for #exist for #ios, sent a new version to TestFlight, and tried to submit a new version to the App Store but iTunesConnect was broken yet again.

April 2015


Made some changes to the #RescueTime #exist integration so changes to the last few days' data will be reflected (previously only today updated). Also introduced a "productive_min_goal" attribute so we can track productive streaks like steps streaks.

March 2015

February 2015